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Located in the city of Orange, Car Clinic Complete Auto Repair is your top-rated and one-stop auto shop for automotive repair needs in Orange County. We specialize in all maintenance & repair services for foreign, domestic, and classic vehicles.

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More than a Mechanic

We understand the importance of finding dependable automative repair & care. Your vehicle is significant part of your life, getting you to your next destination. Car repairs and maintenance can be expensive and no one wants to have pay to repair damage caused by shoddy repair service. 


When you bring your car into C.A.R. Clinic, you won’t have to worry because our staff is comprised of ASE certified technicians who are committed to making sure you have a safe dependable car. At C.A.R. Clinic, we are not just your mechanic, we are your neighbor and your friend.

our services

Our professional facility provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services customized to the specific needs our customers. Our services include regular maintenance procedures such as oil changes, tire rotations, and window repairs as well as more intricate repair work like engine and transmission repairs.

Additionally, we think of our customers as family and customer satisfaction is our priority. We can arrange transportation for you while your vehicle is being serviced with us.

General Maintenance

Regular care and upkeep of a vehicle helps to maintain its performance and prevent breakdowns. It includes routine tasks such as oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, and fluid checks. Additionally, vehicles may require periodic tune-ups, filter replacements, and other maintenance items determined by the manufacturer. Performing regular maintenance on a vehicle can prolong its lifespan and help it run more efficiently, saving money on repairs and fuel costs.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Ensure comfortable driving conditions year-round with performance tests and necessary repairs of your vehicle's climate control system. While auto air conditioning and heating systems are reliable, they require regular maintenance to prevent malfunctions. Regular inspections, fluid flushes, and filter replacements ensure the system operates efficiently.

Brakes Service & Repair

Regular brake maintenance and repair are crucial for safe driving. Qualified technicians can diagnose and remedy issues such as grinding noises or brake warning lights on the dashboard. Services can include replacing brake pads, shoes, rotors, calipers, and fluid. Early detection of brake issues can prevent hazardous driving conditions. Timely maintenance and repair can extend the life of the brake system and promote safe stopping distance. Be sure to schedule an appointment with a trustworthy repair shop and qualified technician if you notice any brake system anomalies to avoid avoidable brake failures.

Electrical Diagnostics & Repair

Auto electrical diagnostics and repair is crucial to identify and fix issues in a vehicle's electrical systems using specialized equipment. It includes repairing and replacing defective components like the starter motor, battery, fuses, and alternator. Additionally, rewiring, reprogramming, or updating the car's computer may be required. This process ensures the vehicle runs smoothly, improves safety, and prevents breakdowns, enhancing the vehicle's overall performance.

Suspension, Steering & Alignment

Proper maintenance of your vehicle's suspension, steering, and alignment is crucial for optimum operation and safety. Suspension, steering, and alignment systems provide essential support, shock absorption, and control, which contribute to uniform tire wear and optimal handling of your vehicle. Failure to maintain these systems can lead to potentially hazardous driving conditions, reduced fuel efficiency, and uneven tire wear.

Power Train Diagnostics & Repair

A comprehensive powertrain diagnostic and repair service ensure an enduring and safe vehicle performance, while also resulting in cost-effective operations in the long run. The powertrain is responsible for accelerating the vehicle and any issues with it can lead to decreased fuel efficiency and even accidents. For instance, a defective transmission or a damaged fuel line can deteriorate the functionality of the vehicle. Advanced equipment and an in-depth understanding of the powertrain system by skilled technicians is crucial to accurately diagnose the mechanical or electronic root cause of the problem. Once the problem area is isolated, repairs can be made by either replacing the defective parts or through customized repairs.

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